Bárbara Brombierstäudl

Profesora de Yoga Clásico & Vedanta

Philosophy & spirituality has always interested me & so, after many years of intensive study & practice of this age old science, I finished my Yoga Teacher Training at the Centro Cultural de la India in Valenica, in the tradition of Sri Sivandanda – Sri Vishnudevanada

I am a student of David Rodrigo – Acharya Jijañsu, philosophy expert Advaita Vedanta in the tradition of Shankaracharya, & I studied the 1st stage of Sanskrit under the tutelage of Dr. Juan Arnau, & mythology & mystics with Dr. Enrique Gallud Jardiel, one of the founders of the Instituto de Indiologia in Madrid.

In the Cultural Centre of India I had the opportunity to deepen my theoretical studies, especially of the Scriptures, with Dr. Javier Ruiz Calderon, Sesha, Bhakti-Dasananda, Krishna Kripa Das (J.C. Ramchandani)

To all of them I give my profound thanks, as well as to my fellow students on this journey – above all to Neus-Daya Ferrer, of Yoga Acharya in Valencia.  Also to Mona Vollstuber, my teacher who accompanied me through my formative years & was a part of this deep learning process.

Thank-you to Konzok & Christiane von Safft-Konzok of the Yogazentrum Gleichen – I would no doubt not be where I am today without them.  And to Pedro Pons on whose unconditional support I can always rely.

Last but not least, my great friend Cesar Roa who took these photographs & brought these pages to life.